Big Announcement from Clean Mixes

Big Announcement from Clean Mixes

Founder Christine Westbury has a big announcement effective Friday 8 November:

Hi Clean Mixes Fans,

It's Christine Westbury here with a big announcement.

When I founded Clean Mixes it was to satisfy my insane sweet tooth! So that I could have treats without the sugar and satisfy my taste buds... thank goodness I did, as it turns out a lot of other people are the same as me.

Roll on nearly three years and Clean Mixes has grown far beyond my wildest dreams thanks to you, the fans.

The creations, posts to social media, telling your friends and family about Clean Mixes have all blown my mind.

But now, it's time for me to sign off from Clean Mixes. Today we have a new owner - Amanda Wiggins. Amanda is taking over Clean Mixes with lots of great exciting plans, so I'm so excited to see where Clean Mixes goes from here.

Thank you to everyone for the support, it really has been incredible, and I'd love to keep in touch. Please see below for where to find me and I look forward to continuing to watch everyone enjoy their Clean Mixes treats - I know I will continue to also!

Watch the video announcement here.

Thanks again,

Christine Westbury


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