Clean Mixes is ONE!

Clean Mixes is ONE!

It's official, Clean Mixes is celebrating it's first birthday!

Firstly, before we review the year that was, thank you to all of our #cleanmixescrew and supporters for the most incredible first year. When the idea was conceived on a summer beach holiday, we had no idea we would be able to provide clean healthy treats to so many of you - so THANK YOU. It's truly been our pleasure!

Let's have a look at the year in review.

Conception November 2016: The idea was hatched and the plan created with sand between the toes of founder @christine_westbury

Making it happen: The plan was set, now we had to make it happen. The first batch of Clean Mixes was handmade in Lyall Bay, Wellington - and it took far too long!!! But, we got there in the end thanks to Crave Kitchen for providing the most amazing producers kitchen.

Branding: Created by the amazingly talented Hannah Dollery. Hannah had the vision and ability to create something that has grown with us.

Launch February 15th 2017: Ready to launch - would the customers buy? We were surprised to see that it wasn't just friends and family buying Clean Mixes - we must be on to something. (Clean Mixes launched under a slightly different name and brand initially).

First Supermarket: Whilst building the online channel, we knew we needed to get offline also into the hands of consumers. Founder Christine Westbury made a call to New World Thorndon as her first option - and they instantly said YES! We are forever grateful for the support of New World Thorndon, and let's just say it's not that easy to get into supermarkets (we've since found out!)

Getting into the community: Taking the time to get out and share our clean treats and witness the reactions on peoples faces while they ate our Clean Mixes. This meant a lot of tastings at gyms, community events at Lululemon Athletica, or other workshops and seminars, it's been incredibly important for us to support our community.

Events: In our first year we were at loads of local events such as the Go Green Expo Wellington. In 2018 we will be at a lot more events including The Food Shows (Auckland Wellington), The NZ Fitness Expo Auckland, and Go Green Expo's across New Zealand.

Increasing capacity: In October 2017 Clean Mixes increased capacity to increase manufacturing and speed up the delivery process. All orders are now picked and dispatched by our logistics team which generally means 1-2 day NZ delivery.

First tiny pallet arriving at logistics

Hitting New Zealand stores: Throughout 2017 Clean Mixes grew stockists across New Zealand. With most major centres now able to access Clean Mixes in store. See stockists here.

The most important part of the first year was the #cleanmixescrew:

Second year plans? Number one: continue to build our Clean Mixes community. We hope to do this by inspiring a health lifestyle for both Clean Mixes fans, their families and the community. This is being achieved by providing free resources such as Weekly Meal Planner or 50+ Clean Snacks for download and use, and also opening dialogue about how to create the lifestyle we want to achieve together.

We also hope to continue giving back to the community in the form of donations to the food bank - as it's important for everyone to have access to healthy food.

From a business perspective, continuing to collaborate with more New Zealand stores, build our online following, and work with other like-minded brands.

Thanks again to all who have supported Clean Mixes in the first year. Here's to many many more,

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