Get set for the week ahead...

Get set for the week ahead...

This week we encourage you to set yourself some goals with a plan. Those goals may be long term health or wellness goals, or something as simple as 'drink more water'.

Because, a goal without a plan, is just a wish...

How are you going to achieve your goals this week? Enlist a friend to keep you accountable? Measure your success against a goal daily? Say NO to that event that you don't need to go to? Plan and prepare your food?

It really is up to you!

We like to use Sunday...

As a day to set ourselves up for the week ahead. Plan meals, make some food, prepare the diary, and de-clutter emails.

So, when Monday rolls around, we hit the ground running, knowing exactly what the week ahead looks like, following through with our plan...

Here are some top tips for success;

  • Write a plan for meals. Because everything is achievable when you have good nourishing food in your tum!
  • Write small measurable action steps to achieve your goals i.e. drink 500ml more water each day to get to a goal of 1.5L per day, and then another 500ml added to achieve goal of 2L per day once you achieve your first goal.
  • Use a diary, write everything down that you need to remember, action or do. Set up your diary every evening before bed for success.
  • If your goal is to eat better, be prepared with healthy snacks in the fridge, the Get Started Kit would set you up with everything you need.

Enjoy achieving your goals. Remember, what the mind perceives it will achieve.




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