Hungover on Easter Chocolate?

Hungover on Easter Chocolate?

Ughhh ate a few too many chocolate eggs perhaps? Well, there is no point stressing about what is done! Let's just get back on track...

  • Ditch the remaining Easter eggs - give them to family, friends, work mates... removing temptation is the best form of control
  • Start your day with movement - get up, go for a walk, park a little further away from work/train/bus, get back to the gym.
  • Clean up your food - salads, green smoothies, lots of protein to keep tummies full, boiled eggs and clean snacks. However, don't ditch the carbs, just keep them clean. Brown rice, sweet potato or corn thins make great alternatives to bread.
  • Plan your schedule - schedule in workouts for the week ahead. "Too busy?", set your alarm ten minutes earlier and do a quick little session at home; squats, lunges, push ups, tricep dips - done!
  • Food prep - preparation is the key to succeeding with food goals. Particularly for when the snack-attack hits to save you reaching for convenient, unhealthy snacks such as chippies or cookies.

TOP TIP: Of course, you are going to have sweet cravings as your body eliminates the unnecessary sugar, so, be prepared with some Chocolate or Chocolate Hazelnut clean treats in the fridge for when Chocolate starts calling your name!

chocolate hazelnut clean treatschocolate clean treats

Good luck, and we look forward to joining you on the journey!