Introducing NEW Baking Mix: Caramel Banana Bread Mix

Introducing NEW Baking Mix: Caramel Banana Bread Mix

Two great tastes that always go great together have joined the Clean Mix Baking Mix range -  introducing Caramel Banana Bread Baking Mix. Featuring superfood maca; this decadent gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free treat mix ticks all the boxes - it’s easy to make, comes in a convenient package and contains maca, which has been scientifically proven to help boost energy.

“When looking at baking mixes available,” shared Christine Westbury, CEO and founder of Clean Mixes,  “it was easy to see there was a gap for a gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free mix that is bursting with flavour and benefits. We decided to add the superfood maca due to its incredible caramel taste, it boosts energy and performance, and also assists in women’s hormone health. Plus, there is nothing like a slice of warm banana bread with your favourite toppings - guilt free!”

Clean Mixes Caramel Banana Bread Baking Mix is very simple to make and gives you the option of showing off your baking skills with either a cake, bread loaf or as muffins. For mums who are trying to find ways to entertain their children over school holidays or want to prep an easy lunchbox treat, Clean Mixes Baking Mixes offer that option.

“As a Mum, I understand the challenge and ‘mum guilt’ around providing healthy food for our kids who often just want the sugary treats. Life is busy, yet we want to nurture our families - the Caramel Banana Bread Mix is fail proof, nutritious and fast! Bake the mix, freeze individual slices and pop them in the lunchboxes, or save the mix for when it’s time to impress family and friends with baking - they don’t need to know it came from a mix! If Clean Mixes can make it easier for families and individuals to enjoy healthy clean treats - then my passion is fulfilled”.

About Clean Mixes:

Clean Mixes has been making healthy options easy and accessible to all New Zealanders in a simple convenient mix, and showing us that they are not your ordinary bliss ball mix since 2017. Clean Mixes has grown from sharing recipes with friends and whanau to now being stocked in 60 stores across New Zealand as well as sold online at

Anne Buttar

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