New Year, New You Kickstart

New Year, New You Kickstart

As 2018 looms, the idea of setting goals, visions, targets (you choose) for the New Year becomes more important.

From a very early age, we have always set goals. Generally, it would be on the 31st of December, but any time around the commencement of the New Year is always a good idea (and, generally it is completed whilst sitting on a deck chair!).

Here are our top tips for setting up the New Year with success.

1. Set some goals, we would suggest around three main goals.

Take some time to reflect on the year past, what have you done well? What could you have done better? Have you achieved last years goals (if you set them). Celebrating some wins is always motivating!

Set some new goals; they may be personal (mindset / fitness), family, financial, or career orientated. Right them down somewhere safe (we suggest a note in your phone), and put some targets on them. i.e. buy a new house by November 2018, or, body fat to xx% by March 2018. A mix of short and long term is always a good idea.

2. Plan some activities around your goals.

For example, if a goal is to increase fitness, book in to some classes, a running event, a dance class, enlist a personal trainer. And set some dates in your diary. Or, if the goal is financial, set mini 30 day goals, i.e. save xx amount by 31 January 2018 to help break down the goal into manageable milestones.

3. Build an accountability team.

Share (some) goals with your partner, parents, or best friend. Someone who may help you along. A partner is a big part of achieving your goals as together - you can achieve great things! But sometimes, having a parent know about your goals can help rein you in and remind you of priorities when you need it the most!

4. Diarise to review your goals

Pop a little calendar reminder in your phone at the end of every month to check in on your goals. Goals may need refinement at this point, or you may have subconsciously smashed your goals already! (It's amazing what the subconscious mind can achieve).

The wind down period over the New Year is a great opportunity to kick start a new you. If you are looking for extra motivation, check out our Free Weekly Planner Download to aid with meal and exercise planning.

Good luck with creating a new YOU and smashing those goals!

Christine Westbury
Clean Mixes Founder