Simple ways to enjoy your Clean Mixes

Simple ways to enjoy your Clean Mixes

Lately, we've been inspired by trying to do something a little different with our Bliss Ball Mixes.

Here are our top five ideas for using your Clean Mixes differently than simply rolling them into balls.

1. Crumble over yogurt or stewed fruit

Try crumbling your favourite bliss ball over unsweetened yogurt or coconut yogurt for an easy dessert packed with protein. Or, stew some fruit with coconut sugar, vanilla, cinnamon (add star anise or mixed spice for more flavour), cool, and serve topped with your favourite ball crumble. Have kids? They will love this!

bliss ball crumble

2. Make a slice or bark

Forget about rolling your balls, and simply pack the mixture into a slice tray. Slice your mix into muesli bar size slices, or little bites. Or, as one of our Clean Mixes fans have done, simply break pieces off the block as you need a nibble. Take your slice to the next level by adding coconut icing sugar on top as icing - delish.

bliss ball slice

3. Logs

Roll into logs, and slice into bite size circular pieces for a different way to consume your clean treats.

bliss ball logs

4. Use as decoration on a cake or make a croquembouche

Use bliss balls on a cake to add dimension, or as a healthy alternative (if the cake is not so healthy), for clean eating friends (or yourself!). Perhaps you'd like to try your skills at making a croquembouche as pictured.

bliss ball tower

5. Pair with a smoothie bowl

Top your favourite smoothie bowl blend with a few balls to lift your bowl to the next level. Delicious!

bliss ball smoothie bowl

Uses for Clean Mixes are only limited to your imagination, we would love to hear any other ideas you have, or tag us on Instagram or Facebook, have fun!


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