Top Kitchen Substitutes for Clean Eating

Top Kitchen Substitutes for Clean Eating

The journey to #cleaneating can be simple, with a few small changes to your kitchen.

Here are five toss/keep suggestions:

Toss: Artificial maple syrup - full of sugar

Buy: Pure maple syrup - no refined sugar

Toss: Sugar laden cereals - that also won't sustain

Buy: Steelcut or rolled oats - full of nourishing carbohydrates

Toss: White flour - processed and refined
Buy: Almond, coconut, brown rice, quinoa or chickpea flour.

Toss: Soy Sauce - full of sodium
Buy: Tamari sauce or Coconut Aminos.

Toss: Pasta or Couscous
Buy: Buckwheat noodles, brown rice, chickpeas.

Next time you run out of these pantry staples, have a go at one of these simple suggestions.

Have fun creating! xx


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