Setting Daily Intentions With Amanda Rota

Setting Daily Intentions With Amanda Rota

Amanda Rota is a Clean Mixes fan, mum and someone who priorities her health and fitness by setting daily intentions against a holistic model of wellness. 

Amanda approaches health and fitness by ‘"modelling whilst I do"’ through Te Whare Tapa Whā , the Māori Health Model. 

Amanda's story is such a great reminder of the benefits of setting your intentions as a way of staying focused on your goals. 

Amanda is partially disabled with Dystonia and her son Lucas has Cerebral Palsy.  The disabilities don't stop the family living their best lives and giving everything a go. 

Amanda's story is real, practical and very inspiring.  

"I might be a little crazy! I get up every single day at 5.30am. Why you ask? It’s my favourite time of the day.

When the family and the world is sleeping, I get to be in the peace and quiet.  I usually throw on my workout clothes (that I prepare and place out the night before) and sit with a coffee, with our Greyhound Tyson, and just be in the stillness. 

I feel that if I get my workout clothes on, I’m already preparing myself to exercise.  My brain is getting set with intention to exercise that day.  I’m a huge believer in setting the intention for the day as it can help keep focus. 

With early mornings does come early nights too.  I try read in bed and not play on my phone (I find that a hard habit to break). 

So who am I?

I have two boys; Levi is 13 and Lucas is 10.  My husband Aubrey is in the RNZAF.  We moved from Porirua to Bulls just before Christmas 2020 as we had been long distance for a very long time. I  was ready to have our family together again.  I love the small-town Bulls and I love being rural.  

I was born and bred in Wellington, then studied a Bachelor of Physical Education in Dunedin and then did my Graduate Diploma in Teaching in Wellington.

When the kids are at school and Aubrey is working I tidy the house (I hate vacuuming - but i do it!) I bake for school lunches and I get all my fitness done.  

I like exercising in the morning and getting it out the way.  I set a routine, so I pretty much know each day if I’m going to the gym, running, swimming or resting.  It’s not set in stone but I like routine, it helps me plan my week.  I’m also partial to getting my nails done too.  My treat to myself. 

I’m not working right now as I’m wanting to settle my family into life here, but I am eventually going back to work part time.  Being new to the area I’m loving exploring the local shops, walking tracks, river trails and meeting the local farm animals on my runs.

When the kids arrive back from school the busiest part of my day starts.  They’re hungry, grumpy, hot and tired.  There’s some snapping at each other and I feel like I’m in a circus sometimes.  But it’s my life and I love it.

I approach being fit and healthy by ‘modelling whilst I do’ through Te Whare Tapa Whā , the Māori Health Model. 

  • Hinengaro - mind/thoughts
  • Whānau - family 
  • Tinana - physical body
  • Wairua - spiritual self 

I focus on one of these aspects each day over the week to help keep myself focused and set goals for my health and well-being.  Each aspect is interlinked but homing in on just one aspect gives more clarity to your intentions.

For example. I suffer from anxiety.  With exercise it regulates my Hinengaro, which then helps me be a better wife and Mum to my Whānau.  It also nurtures my spiritual side and obviously increases my fitness and strength of my Tinana.

Some tips I would give to busy parents out there:

  • Do what you can, when you can
  • Schedule fitness into your day and week
  • A little bit is better than nothing at all
  • Find something you love 
  • Grab friends or put it out there you’d like support, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out 
  • Movement is medicine

I came across Clean Mixes in my social media feed.  The Chocolate Chip bliss balls caught my eye first. I am a sucker for chocolate.  I couldn’t believe how easy they were to make, and my kids loved them too which is a win.

I am someone who can savour chocolate and sweets, I can nibble but not devour.  Maybe that’s strange I don’t know.  

As for healthy eating I do believe eating well does help our overall health.  Eating nutritious food that works with our bodies is like putting petrol in a car.  The wrong petrol, the car doesn’t work or low or no petrol then the car staggers and can stop.  Our bodies are the same.

Everyone is different too, so learn how to fuel your body effectively and what foods work for you to give you the best outcome especially when it comes to fitness.

Clean Mixes is quick, easy and nutritious and is perfect to grab before or after exercise.

To me , being fit, healthy and looking after my well-being means I’m a better Mum to the boys, a better wife and someone who role models what being “healthy” looks like".

To me health & wellness encompasses

  • Being ok in your own skin
  • Not apologising for being you
  • Guilt-free eating and enjoying eating
  • Moving your body in ways that work for you
  • Being an example to your kids, as they do actually watch and listen!
  • Talking positively about your body
  • Encouraging and uplifting others on their own health journeys 
  • Be you / do you / for you (my favourite saying) 
  • Self-care and self-love, taking time out for you
  • Eating nutritious food
  • Mindful eating not dieting
  • Doing what brings you joy
  • Sleep and taking naps
  • Slowing down
  • Laughing