What is the best way to enjoy my treats?

Cold, from the fridge.

My treats won't come together?

When creating the balls, try to squeeze them from hand to hand tightly to come together. If they seem too wet, add some protein powder or if too dry, more coconut oil/rice malt syrup. Wetting your hands slightly can help if they seem sticky.

My treats seem too dry?

Ensure you follow the instructions for quantities of liquid, otherwise, just add a little liquid at a time until you achieve the right consistency.

My treats seem too wet?

Add a little protein powder to obtain the right consistency. Alternatively, try a little almond butter to stick it together.

Can I use other forms of oil or syrups to make my treats?

Yes! We still believe the best results are with coconut oil and rice syrup, however, if you are Paleo or wish to try something different try almond butter and honey. Peanut butter does work, but the flavour can be over-powering to the mix flavours.

Where can I buy rice malt syrup?

Try your local supermarket, next to the maple syrup, or in the health food aisle. Alternatively your local wholefoods/organic store will sell it.

Where can I buy coconut oil?

Try your local supermarket, or wholefoods/organic store.

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