GUEST BLOG: Tips for better nutrition habits - from Nourish Me

GUEST BLOG: Tips for better nutrition habits - from Nourish Me

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Start the day with water, drink water regularly throughout the day, and end the day with water.

When we wake up, we are dehydrated from a (hopefully) long and peaceful sleep where our bodies have been busy growing, recovering, and repairing from the day before. Most of the metabolic processes that our clever body carries out require water. We also lose water through breathing/snoring and through sweating. We then get up and pee first thing – that’s a lot of water lost over night! Make sure you’re replenishing your water stores regularly throughout the day. It will help to kick start your metabolism first thing too, try adding lemon, yum!

Cut the sugar!

Sugar finds its way into so many of our foods – yoghurts (a lot more than you’d probably expect!), muesli bars, cereals, drinks and so much more. It’s important that you try to reduce the amount of sugars you’re putting into your body – this is going to be beneficial for your hormones such as insulin, and your fat storage too. Cutting down sugar may help you to lose weight! Try swapping sweet treats such as biscuits, cakes and lollies for healthier and more nutrient dense bliss balls – Clean treat balls are delicious!

Eat Vegetables 3x per day

It sounds like a lot, but it’s easy to do! Here are some simple ways:

  • Omelette with capsicum, onion, spinach – or any veges you like!
  • Smoothie with banana, berries, protein powder and spinach
  • Salad or vegetable based soup for lunch, even a sandwich with some extra colours would be better than no vegetables at all!

Make sure you have three vegetables minimum at dinner – Chicken, kumara and pumpkin mash with green beans and broccoli, mmmm yum!

Be Prepared

A wise man once said (or I was just looking at inspiration quotes on Instagram..) “if you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail!”. Make sure you have fresh vegetables in the fridge at all times. Keep some cold meat in a container ready to go – there’s no excuse to not be able to whip up a quick and easy salad, or have leftovers from last night! Keep some clean treat balls ready, either in the pantry or in the freezer and keep some good fats at the ready too – I love cheese or homemade hummus and grain wafers. Check out some delicious, quick AND easy recipes at

 Vicky from Nourish Me is a nutrition coach that thrives of helping other people improve their health and happiness through nutrition, and tailors every plan specifically to the individual.

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