Clean Mixes Fans Love The Taste!

"Absolutely love this product. Easy to make and no matter what flavour it all tastes delicious. I love the fact it is a sweet treat that I can have. Thanks Clean Mixes." Katie Blackett (recommends Clean Mixes on Facebook)

We know we offer the best tasting Bliss Ball / Baking Mixes - we've spent years perfecting our blends and our customers shout it from the roof tops all the time. We stand behind our products!

However, if you do not believe the taste of Clean Mixes is the best in NZ we will make it right. Guaranteed.

What's included in the guarantee?

All Clean Mixes products you purchase direct from our online store; we will guarantee they are the best tasting Bliss Balls or Baking Mix compared to other NZ Bliss Ball and Baking Mix products of the same flavour.

Backing up this guarantee.

If you believe the taste of Clean Mixes compared as above is no better, we will refund 50% of the purchase value*.


  • Product must be used before Best Before Date
  • Product must be made as per instructions to qualify
  • Must include photo of the packet including Best Before + Batch Number details
  • Must include photograph of the final product made and ingredients 'added'
  • Order confirmation / receipt required
  • When compared to another Bliss Ball Mix or Baking Mix product of the same flavour i.e. Salted Caramel vs Salted Caramel
  • Details of the comparison product must be provided
  • Refund request must be provided within 14 days of purchase via email to

"We absolutely believe and know that our Mixes are the best tasting Mixes in NZ so that's why we stand by our products with our Best Taste Money Back Guarantee."

Christine Westbury