Are Clean Mixes Keto Friendly?

Are Clean Mixes Keto Friendly?

The short answer is YES!

We have two Mixes that are keto friendly; low carb, low sugar.

Choc Raspberry is super low in natural sugars at only 1.2gram of sugar per serve. This is also when made with rice syrup - so, if you wanted to make this mix  'true keto' we would recommend an alternative sweetener such as liquid stevia. You may find it necessary to increase coconut oil (or add a little MCT oil) to get the right consistency if you do this - but think of it as making a little fat bomb of goodness!

Superfood Beauty Blend Hemp Protein is also lower carb (not as low carb as Choc Raspberry) but a great alternative option.

Remember when making Clean Mixes, you control how big or little you make the balls - we would recommend making smaller balls for more enjoyment in this case!

Try mixing your favourite blend with a nut butter, MCT oil and any other keto friendly treats you wish to really ramp up your enjoyment.

Any questions, let us know, and be sure to share your creations on social media.

Have fun creating xx

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